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Online Engineering CoursesEngineers are found in many industries in today's modern society and can work in various fields. They can work in I.T., manufacturing, construction, industrial, and civil works to name a few. Their skill and expertise are needed to run business operations smoothly and efficiently. Many of them deal with machines and perform maintenance and troubleshooting duties. Some will join teams in developing innovative and cutting edge technology gadgets. People who are good with numbers and machines will do well in this profession. Engineers basically apply mathematical and scientific principles into business and real-life situations.

The core coursework of an online engineering certificate program would cover interrelated subjects and topics such as computer aided design, computer science, business ethics, legal issues, regulations, materials science, mechanics, information technology, math and physics.

Salaries of engineers would depend greatly on the field of specialization, but in general are paid higher than the industry average. Ceramics engineers for example earn an average annual wage of $107,000 while agricultural engineers make an average median income of $75,000 per year.

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  1. School: New Jersey Institute of Technology / NJIT - New Jersey Institute of Technology offers a detailed law-based course on Legal Aspects in Environmental Engineering. NJIT offers this program to train a new generation of environmental care experts that use the basic content of the law to create environment friendly, accountable and responsible i...