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Online Optical Sciences CoursesIf you have a passion for math, devices, science, gadgets, and are mechanically inclined, then a career in optical science might be the right one for you. Optics science has now ventured from its traditional academic domain into other fields and areas. Optics today is no longer limited to laboratory gadgets such as telescopes and microscopes, but has now extended to numerous commercial applications. Grocery store scanners, computer monitors, photocopying machines, cameras, medical imaging devices, employee scanners, and barcode scanners, all make use of optical science and technology. The opportunities in this field are tremendous and optical science majors would be much in demand in the coming years.

The typical coursework of an online optical science certificate program would encompass a range of interrelated disciplines and subjects such as fiber optics, experimental optics, radiometry, sources of electromagnetic radiation, physical optics, detectors, optical principles, optics for microelectronic engineering, laser physics, radiometry, optical physics, and laser technology.

Salaries of optics professionals would vary depending on a host of factors such as location, educational attainment and experience. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, optical technicians earned a median hourly wage of $12.24 in 2006.

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