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Online Social Sciences Courses

Online Social Sciences CoursesSocial sciences encompass a broad range of fields. There is behavioral science, history, economics, geography, political science, women's studies, psychology, sociology, theology, library science, human services, urban and regional planning, market research and many others.

Topics covered in these studies would include economics, gathering information, market research, research analysis, urban planning, geography, history, library science, psychology, political science, archaeology, anthropology, religion, sociology and theology.

People with online social sciences certificates are able to study people personalities, behaviors and characteristics that will help to better understand how resistant or responsive they are to changes, what affects their decision making, and how they wield power.

Researching is most dominant in most social sciences jobs. It also requires excellent skills in critical thinking, reasoning, writing, and behavioral analysis. A certificate course could be the first step into taking more advanced studies like getting a bachelor's degree, master's degree of Ph.D. there are also better career opportunities for those seeking higher learning.

Online Criminal Justice

Criminal justice is a system that upholds order in the society by deterring, apprehending, and punishing offenders. An online criminal justice certificate is needed by individuals who want to contribute towards maintaining a harmonious society.

Online History

An online history certificate offers a multitude of career opportunities: editor, advertising executive, archivist, foundation staffer, personnel manager, researcher, journalist, legal assistant, Foreign Service officer—the list just never ends.

Online Law

An online law certificate provides access to some of the most lucrative jobs in the United States. Degree holders usually land in the legal field, but they can also pursue career works in publishing, social work, and journalism.

Online Political Science

An online political science certificate offers graduates a dynamic career as a city planner, cause advocate, coordinator of federal state or aid, customs officer, policy analyst, university professor, and the chance to continue their legal studies in high

Online Public Safety

An online public safety certificate an opportunity to serve others as a corrections officer, emergency medical technician, law enforcer, or firefighter. Entry-level public officers can already earn $34,000 per annum but their salary is expected to triple

Online Sociology

Professionals holding an online sociology certificate can be found in the US Census Bureau, Federal Bureau of Investigation, state department of corrections, public relations, and many other fields in both the private and public sectors.