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Online Administrative Assistant Courses

Online Administrative Assistant CoursesIf you think secretaries just sit around, make several cups of coffee for their boss, and sign a few papers - you are definitely wrong. Secretaries or administrative assistants as they call them are not mere assistants, but key players for the advancement of the company. Aside from secretarial skills, they also need to posses other skills in several areas such as:

• Computer programs and applications such as word processors, PowerPoint presentations, and spreadsheets.

• Excellence in written and verbal skills.

• Ability to manage projects from different company sectors and organization skills.

• Worldly-minded to deal with potential foreign customers and take care of international business deals.

In order to possess all these qualities, you should earn online administrative assistant certificates. Being an administrative assistant is way better than secretarial jobs because of the challenge it offers, and of course the amount of salary. If you wish to get the most out of your career in a company or business, then the "company" assistant is the job for you.

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