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Online Animal Care Courses

Online Animal Care CoursesMore than 60 percent of all American households have at least one pet according to the National Pet Owner's Survey. Moreover, the American Pet Products Manufacturers Association or APPMA states there are 142 million fish, 88 million cats, and 74 millions dogs owned all over the United States. APPMA also reports that Americans may spend about $9.8 billion dollars for the health and grooming of their beloved pets.

If you yourself love pets, why not make money out of it? There are a number of online animal care certificates and veterinary degrees that offer trainings and courses for those willing to enter this career. Veterinarians earn more than animal care specialists. This is because veterinarians undergo more educational expertise in biology, zoology, medicine, and animal care before they can even qualify for a licensure exam. Animal care technicians on the other hand just need to finish related trainings and courses to fit the job. Some of the responsibilities they should possess include:

• Identification of blood samples

• Urinalysis

• Dental work

• X-rays

• Preparing tissue samples

• Providing assistance for the veterinarian

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