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Online Fire and Law Enforcement Courses

Online Fire and Law Enforcement CoursesIn today's increasing crime and terrorist rate, there is a great demand for law enforcers to handle this situation. If you have what it takes to fight the bad guys, then take online fire and law enforcement certificates. Aside from equipping you the techniques and skills for self-defense, they would also provide supplementary courses in fire treatments in case the firemen are not around.

Although the salary for law enforcement officers are not that high ranging from $35,000 - $80,000 annually depending on position, it may still become a rewarding experience especially for those who desire to offer public service to the citizen's of the country. If you want to get higher positions, then enroll for graduate courses in criminology and law enforcement. There are also some officers that use this as a stepping stone to enter law, and even public service as a government official.

Contrary to the assumption of many that law enforcement only leads to being a police officer, there are some who choose to be private security specialists of companies or even individuals. In this case, the salary would depend on your employer.

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