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Online Forestry and Wildlife Courses

Online Forestry and Wildlife CoursesThe depletion of the country's natural resources and destruction of the environment are some of the concerns of forest and wildlife rangers. Instead of doing your job inside the office, you will explore forests, treat animals, and help in reforestation. There are three main job opportunities for those who will choose this career.

Forest conservation workers spend almost all their time outdoors engaging in different activities. Some of their activities include combating diseases and insects that threaten trees, curtailing soil erosion and planting new seedlings. Loggers and timber-cutters on the other hand, manage the initial stages of lumber preparation until they load them onto trucks. Lastly, conservation scientists do their work in ranches and farms to assist farmers and landowners to protect their land from erosion, fire, and drought.

Because there are completely different tasks for these three jobs, you must choose which one to enter once you get online forestry and wildlife certificates. You will also need to get enough knowledge about machineries and equipment which they use for forest conservation. Salaries in this career range from $30,000 for workers and loggers, to $50,000 for scientists.

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