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Online English Degree Programs

Online English Degree ProgramsA variety of career opportunities await people who aspire to get online English degrees. These include professions as news reporters, news analysts, news correspondents, editors, scriptwriters, English language teachers, Literature teachers, and many more.

English has become the most commonly used language in the fields of business, policy, entertainment, and communication. You can find English graduates abounding in any industry that you can imagine, even including science, manufacturing, and even in the glitz and glamour of Tinseltown!

The typical online Associate's and Bachelor's degrees gives you access to social mores, cultures, political concepts, and dominant ideas in just about any era and setting. American, British, and other aspects of world literature would be intensively explored. Plenty of management and middle management job postings often require BA degrees or higher, especially since efficient communicators are needed here.

General studies and liberal arts would be also be tackled, which is helpful in the preparation for entry-level positions in the field of communications and business. The usual curriculum requires an academic approach towards classic literature, the media, and the arts, with the need for related electives as well. Graduate areas also include film and drama, linguistics, and interactive media, particularly in writing hypertext.

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  1. School: Grand Canyon University - Grand Canyon University's Bachelor of Arts in English Literature is among its list of beneficial online learning programs, all of which are accredited by the Higher Learning Commission (the university is among the pioneer members of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools). Students...
  2. School: Nova Southeastern University - There are a lot of opportunities that are present for educators who want to have a career in having an expertise on elementary reading. An important course to take is the degree program Master of Arts in Teaching and Reading - Elementary Reading, which is offered by Nova Southeastern University...