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Online General Arts Degree Programs

Online General Arts Degree ProgramsOnline General Arts degree programs are quite diverse and would fall under several categories, including graphic design, fine arts, fashion, interior design and a whole lot more. These degree programs can never be whole without the fusion of inherent creativity, a sparked interest in technology, and an understanding of the business environment.

In the field of art and design, the top career choices would include art directors, fine artists, craft artists, painting restorers, multimedia artists, and printmakers. The typical coursework would include liberal arts-based programs, with courses such as history, basic math, natural sciences, art and music theory, drama, and programming languages.

The study of the arts, meanwhile, can be broken down into different subject areas. For Applied Arts and Design, these would include CAD or Computer Arts and Design, Illustration, Graphic Design, Interior Design, Industrial Design, Photography, Medical Illustration, and Textile Design. For Architecture, these include Architectural History, Building Design, Historic Preservation, Environmental Design, Urban Design, and Landscape Architecture.

For Art, these include Arts Administration, Art History, Art Therapy, Fine Arts, Decorative Arts, and Museum Studies. For Performing Arts, these would include Film, Television, Video, Music, Drama, Dance, and Theater.

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  1. School: Boston University - Individuals who have passions for the arts and are eager to share this passion with the next generation of artists and enthusiasts should consider taking up Boston University's Master of Arts in Art Education degree program. The program is designed to make an artist a teacher, arming students wit...