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MBA in Marketing (Ken Blanchard College of Business)

An MBA degree enables an individual to navigate his way through the organization's different operations, from finance, to production, to advertising and finally to marketing. This broad foundation of business study will familiarize a person with the particular responsibilities of each department. But with a field of specialization now available for MBA course takers, which in this case is Marketing, the individual who is taking up this course will be able to divert his effort on his field of expertise and will be able to use this to his advantage when he is already seeking for employment or promotion. This subject of specialization will be treated as their forte, and the availability of a corporate position in the marketing department will be given to them. Also, the MBA acts as a safety net which still guarantees students of a position in the corporation while waiting for marketing positions for them.

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MBA in Marketing (Ken Blanchard College of Business) Facts
School: Grand Canyon University
Field of Study: Online Degree » Business & MBA » Marketing
Accreditation: The Association of Business Schools and Programs accredits Grand Canyon University for the Master of Business Administration degrees
Delivery Format: Online
Educational Level: Master Degree
Language: English
Requirements: Must have a bachelor\'s degree to apply.
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