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Online Educational Counseling Degree ProgramsEducational counsellor's help students deal with their personal problems and help them channel their energies on schoolwork and academics. They are there to listen to students and to act as a sort of a confidante to them. They should be able to help students overcome personal difficulties and issues that stand in the way of their studies. School counsellors are also expected to dispense good, unbiased and sound advice on what careers or professions students should pursue where they will have a strong likelihood for success and fulfilment.

An online educational counselling degree curriculum would cover a number of broad topics and subjects such as career development, professional identity, relationships, assessment, group work, research and program evaluation, human growth and development, social and cultural diversity.

Employment prospects for educational counsellors are encouraging. According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, demand for qualified vocational and school counsellor will expand by 13 percent through 2016. On the other hand, educational, school, and career counsellors earn an annual median wage of $47,530. An educational counsellor would have better employment prospects if he pursues a Master's or Doctorate studies as well.

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  1. School: Grand Canyon University - This degree program offered by the Grand Canyon University is developed specifically for practicing professionals in the field of behavioral health. These include professional and school counselors, marriage and family therapists, licensed nurses assigned in the psychiatric wars and other profess...