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Online Occupational Therapy Degree Programs

Online Occupational Therapy Degree ProgramsOccupational therapists help people with physical defects or those who are suffering from physical injuries to regain mobility in order for them to be productive again at home and at work. They teach their patients various exercises to help them improve their flexibility and muscle strength. The job can be demanding, but the rewards such as seeing patients regain their freedom, mobility, and confidence is priceless.

The core curriculum of an online occupational therapy degree would cover topics and subjects such as research methodology, specialty practice application, human occupations, occupational therapy management, theoretical basis of occupational therapy and action research project planning.

The employment prospects for occupational therapists are upbeat and encouraging. Job growth in this field is expected to double over the next decade. Most occupational therapists today and in the near future would find themselves in jobs where they have to take care of the elderly which is a consequence of the aging baby boomer generation. Salaries are high and attractive as well, with licensed occupational therapists earning on average an annual salary of $63,790 in 2007.

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