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Online Engineering Management Degree ProgramsAn engineering management practitioner is not only equipped with the technical know-how to perform engineering related tasks, but also have sound fundamentals of less technical disciplines such as marketing, human resources, and management. They can be assigned to leadership roles such as project managers and project leads as they have the necessary training to organize and direct teams.

A typical coursework of an online engineering management degree would cover a range of disciplines and subjects such as systems engineering, computer science, managerial science, accounting, physics, chemistry, materials handling and plant layout.

The engineering profession is one of the most lucrative and rewarding careers today. Job growth projection and salary figures are upbeat and encouraging. According to a survey conducted by NACE or the National Association of College and Employers, engineers enjoy vast and bountiful employment opportunities. Engineering management practitioners on the other hand can afford to branch out to less technical aspects of engineering operations such as project management whereby they will have more freedom to allocate and manage resources, both human and material.

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