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Online Mathematics Degree ProgramsMath is one of the oldest sciences and is a cornerstone in many disciplines. Due to the advancement of technology, mathematicians today do not have to limit themselves to the academe to practice their craft. They can pursue lucrative and high-paying careers in the corporate world. They can use their talent with numbers to help companies run their operations more efficiently, as with finance, or they can help businesses come up with innovative products and solutions, as with information technology and software development.

The typical coursework of an online mathematics degree would generally include topics such as computational mathematics, mathematical modelling, statistical design, bio statistical methods, calculus, matrix algebra, mathematics, management science, statistical data analysis and databases.

People who have math degrees have a lot of career opportunities in their hands. They can work in different sectors and industries, even those not directly related to mathematical science in the technical sense of the word. Examples of businesses that need the services of mathematicians are banks, pharmaceutical companies, software companies, insurance companies, and accounting firms. The pay is another huge draw, with salaries of math professionals averaging $81,240 per year.

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  1. School: Nova Southeastern University - Nova Southeastern University now offers a degree program Master of Arts in Teaching and Learning - Elementary Math. This is a basic need of all schools today. This degree would be very helpful for educators who want to take up further study and open up career opportunities in teaching the subj...