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Online Arts & Humanities Programs

Online Arts & Humanities ProgramsOnline Arts and Humanities Programs include majoring in design, desktop publishing, fashion, floral design, general arts, interior decorating, jewelry design, languages, music, performing arts, photography, religion and writing. It can also be in animation, game arts design or television.

These programs are mostly based on liberal arts with specializations on a chosen industry. Core subjects include math, history and science. Online degrees give students liberty in choosing their own learning method.

Popular career opportunities include becoming an art director, a filmmaker, painter, webmaster, web designer or artist, thespian, singer, preacher, novelist, advertiser or marketer. Training in the arts and humanities programs is geared in preparing students to master theories and formulas as bases to foster and refine their individuality.

Artists and other related fields resulted to approximately 210,000 jobs 4 years ago. As much as 60% were professionally self-employed with their own business outfits in multimedia or design. Employment for computer artists is still predicted to increase at a rate of 16% for the next 10 years. Art directors receive a salary of at least $80,000. Multimedia artists and animators get at least $60,000.

Online Design Arts & Humanities Programs

Anyone interested to venture into the arena of fine arts, graphic design, fashion, interior design, and other related fields should strongly consider joining an online design program.

Online Writing Arts & Humanities Programs

The first step towards making the next American novel is joining online writing programs. Such programs help aspiring writers hone their inherent skills and talents, ensuring a successful career as a writer.

Online Photography Arts & Humanities Programs

Majority of professional photographers in today’s industry are actually self-employed. Participating in online photography programs will certainly help budding photographers develop and hone much-needed skills to gain a strong competitive edge.

Online Fashion Arts & Humanities Programs

Online fashion programs cover the basics in fashion design, retail management, and fashion merchandising. Such a program helps aspiring designers prepare themselves for the rigors that abound the fashion industry.

Online Interior Decorating Arts & Humanities Programs

There is much promise in the industry of interior design. With a starting salary pegged at $41,000, taking online interior decorating programs are indeed the wisest step aspirants should take.

Online Desktop Publishing Arts & Humanities Programs

Many professional desktop publishers abound the industry of printing and other related support services, with an average annual income of $36,000. The first step towards this is enrolling in online desktop publishing programs.

Online Floral Design Arts & Humanities Programs

The first step towards becoming a successful floral designer is to take online floral design programs. Proper training and honing of both creativity and business skills will help aspirants succeed in the floral design industry.

Online General Arts Arts & Humanities Programs

Online General Art programs offer a range of subjects, which include Social Sciences, Sciences, and Humanities. Obtaining an online degree on interdisciplinary studies would definitely provide a strong, well-rounded foundation for aspirants.

Online Jewelry Arts & Humanities Programs

Being a successful jewelry designer entails a lot of artistic creativity and a keen eye for detail. Taking online jewelry programs helps budding jewelry designers acquire the much-needed skills and training.

Online Languages Arts & Humanities Programs

Online languages programs open doors in the job market today. Graduates of such programs can choose to work in both public and private sectors, with jobs ranging from trained translators to government journalists.

Online Music Arts & Humanities Programs

Several online music programs available online. Whether you go for a degree in music technology, music education, or music therapy, these online programs will help improve your chances at launching a successful music career.

Online Religion Arts & Humanities Programs

Online religious studies programs actually cover quite a wide range of studies. These include church business management, pastoral ministry, divinity, biblical studies, theology, and more.