Online Fashion Programs

Online Fashion ProgramsFashion journalism, store design, visual merchandising, menswear, knitwear, and the global fashion industry are just some of the areas that comprise typical online fashion programs.

The coursework covered by fashion design include essentials, such as fabric, color, textiles, design, ornamentation, sketching, and sewing. Since business sense is much needed in the fashion industry, there are also marketing and business classes added to the curriculum. CAD or computer-aided design courses are also incorporated.

Courses in fashion merchandising, on the other hand, focus more heavily on the principles of business and merchandising. Coursework would include researching existing and new trends in the industry, studying profit margins, tracking sales, and evaluating existing and potential competitors. The courses are designed to help prepare aspiring fashion designers to be efficient and competent, as both corporate and self-employed designers.

Retail management courses, meanwhile, tackle diverse courses, such as staff management, marketing, accounting, company strategies, and sales. With much focus on business, aspiring fashion designers will find it easier to choose their specialization, thereby securing the first step forward towards a successful career in the fashion industry.

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