Online Jewelry Programs

Online Jewelry ProgramsThe Bureau of Labor and Statistics shares that there is much promise in the jewelry design and repair industry, with annual median income ranging from $31,000 to $53,000. Going for online jewelry programs will help aspiring jewelry designers get all the training they need to hone their skills and talents.

A formal degree is not really needed for one to take on this particular career path. Online training is indeed the ideal approach when it comes to building a strong foundation to work with. Online courses and programs tackle such areas as CAD or Computerized Aided Design, CAM or Computer Aided Manufacturing, setting, designing, and casting. All of these courses are useful, particularly both CAD and CAM, since these allow aspiring jewelers to come up with virtual representations of their designs and experiment with a wide variety of stones and settings.

The typical online program lasts a year. For further training and exposure, there might be additional coursework required. Additional coursework would look into jewelry manufacturing, wax carving, fabrication, and gemology. Most of the time, employers do cover costs entailed in additional coursework.

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