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Online Writing ProgramsThere is actually more to online writing programs than preparing one's self in writing the next novel to hit bookstores nationwide. In fact, there are several types of online writing degrees, paying focus on poetry writing, creating writing, nonfiction writing, fiction writing, as well as professional writing. As expected, there are various career options for degree holders of online writing courses apart from journalists and novelists. Alternative career options can include medical writing, technical writing, advertising, grant writing, public relations, and more.

The typical writing program found online entails coursework that tackles composition, grammar, editing, news and reporting, writing for the web, writing for business, plot development, story development, creative writing techniques, and English literature. Both medical and technical writing, in particular, involves a level of expertise in the fields of medicine, law, science, and other related areas. Since technical and medical writers are expected to write facts about their respective niches, the writers are required to be SMEs or subject matter experts in their respective fields.

Much promise abound the career market in the writing industry. Entry-level writers earn a median annual salary of $51,000, according to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics.

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  1. School: New Jersey Institute of Technology / NJIT - New Jersey Institute of Technology proudly trains new professionals in the field of communication through its graduate certificate program: Technical Communication Essentials. This course uses the most essential and basic theories of effective communication along with the best practices of the fi...
  2. School: UMassOnline - The UMass (University of Massachusetts) Online Certificate of Journalism is a program that was put together to equip students with skills in reporting, writing, and online research. It is geared towards honing the pupils' skills in information gathering, sorting, editing and presentation. The cou...