Online Bookkeeping Programs

Online Bookkeeping ProgramsThere are a lot of online bookkeeping programs, courses, diploma programs, and training sessions all over the web right now. The topics that comprise the typical online program include financial statements, financial accounting, financial planning, tax preparation, estate planning, and using software, such as QuickBooks. There will also be much focus on the following areas: cost accounting, auditing, corporate taxation, individual taxation, and various accounting information systems.

An accounting degree obtained in campus, takes roughly 4 years. There would be more years taken on if the aspiring accountant chooses to take on the path of the CPA. However, with the advent of the internet and computer technology, there are several flexible and highly-accelerated accounting programs that you can choose from these days. These accelerated programs can tackle those 4 years and cram these into just 2 years' worth. These short-term online courses, which typically last a year or two, can sufficiently prepare any aspiring accountant for the job of a para-professional accountant. A para-professional accountant specializes in tax preparation and auditing. The starting salary averages roughly $44,000, while CPAs and accountants who have taken on further studies start off with roughly $70,000 to $85,000 for their starting salaries.

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