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Online Conflict Management Programs

Online Conflict Management ProgramsConflicts exist and will always exist in the workplace. Fortunately, there is something that can be done about it. Joining an online conflict management program will help any employee facilitate any existing conflict for the welfare of the workplace as a whole.

The online program covers a lot of areas; all of which an interdisciplinary perspective is woven into. These areas include group dynamics, team building, communication strategies, and problem solving. All of these, when facilitated efficiently, will produce the effective resolution of any existing conflicts.

Most online programs focus on communication theory, allowing students to have a better grasp of the aspects that come into play during conflicts. Aspects, such as psychological aspects, business management aspects, and human resources aspects, do play a role in the existence of a conflict. Moreover, the program aims to develop in the students much needed skills that can be used to prepare for career options in social services, criminal justice, human resource management, and education. Core coursework would tackle the following areas: organizational communication, negotiation and conflict management, and alternative dispute resolution.

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  1. School: University of Maryland University College / UMUC Online - University of Maryland University College's Undergraduate Certificate in Negotiation and Conflict Management provides an interdisciplinary perspective on group dynamics, problem solving, team building, and communication strategies that can lead to the effective resolution of conflicts. Th...