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Online General Education Programs

Online General Education ProgramsCompleting an online General Education program is certainly the wisest step anyone aspiring to become an effective teacher can ever take. These online programs are specifically designed to give aspiring educators the necessary training to become well-rounded teachers.

A Bachelor's degree in education, for starters, covers the different core areas: physical science, social science, mathematics, humanities, music, history, literature, and art. This online program can be completed in just 4 years and will have much focus on science courses, general liberal arts courses, and specialized education training courses. A Bachelor's degree in education is sufficient in scoring an entry-level position in either consulting or education administration.

Going higher, a Master of Education degree goes beyond the core courses that come with the Bachelor's degree. This time around, the courses would include curriculum development, education policy issues, education administration, and education research methodology. In a nutshell, the Master of Education degree is the best step to take for those aspiring to become distance educators. These are the people who work in education administration, who help in the designing and developing of curriculum for several educational institutions, and who work as corporate or military trainers.

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  1. School: Saint Joseph's University - Saint Joseph University has designed its online program, Accelerated Teacher Certification (OATCERT) provide the skills and trainings needed for students who have a strong commitment in teaching but have less than initial certification and would want to earn an OATCERT (Online Accelerated Teacher...