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Online Training ProgramsAn online training program is the first best step towards becoming an efficient trainer. This is especially true for people who are considering becoming corporate trainers. Since corporate trainers will be dealing with corporate executives, then plenty of demands are expected to be had. With that said, it is likewise expected for aspiring corporate trainers to undergo rigorous and extensive training before being able to say for themselves that they are indeed efficient corporate trainers already.

There are actually a lot of corporate training job titles in the market today. These include training director, training manager, training and development specialist, technical trainer, organizational development consultant, customer service trainer, chief learning officer, chief knowledge officer, and many more.

The coursework for the typical online program would have much focus on the corporate adult education needs, strategic operational processes, planning processes, public relation skills, government agencies, and nonprofit organizations. Coursework would then include focus on the following areas: assessment, educational technology, human resource development, professionalism, and training program management. Apart from that, it would also do well to focus on specific job skills, like public speaking, foreign languages, and time management.

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  1. School: Northcentral University - Northcentral University is dedicated on production of good educational leaders due to demands of industry, not just nationally but globally. This demand is met with the aid of an entirely online certification program on Advanced Graduate Studies in Education, with a specialization in Global Train...