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Online Fitness ProgramsWorld-class athletes do not really stay fit and healthy on their own. They actually have fitness instructors who develop customized fitness programs to help them stay in shape. If you want to become an athletic trainer, developing health and fitness programs for athletes, then you should consider completing an online fitness program.

Online degrees in both sports medicine and sports science greatly help in the preparation and development of certain skill sets. You have to remember that you need to diagnose, treat, and even rehabilitate a wide variety of sports injuries. It is then understandable why athletic trainer jobs would require you to have a bachelor's degree. The following areas are looked into by the typical program: sports nutrition, sports medicine, fitness management, sports coaching, exercise science, leisure management, kinesiology, and many more. Coursework would also entail courses in biology, anatomy, nutrition, biomechanics, and physiology. Supplementary courses could also be in the form of sports psychology and massage therapy.

The median annual salary for entry-level athletic trainers after completing a fitness program would be roughly $37,000. The more experienced ones, however, have the potential of earning so much more.

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