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Online Medical and Dental Programs

Online Medical and Dental ProgramsMedical and dental assistants have long enjoyed an abundance of career opportunities in the market. This is because the demand for assistants to dentists, physicians, orthodontists, oral surgeons, and even chiropractors consistently increases. The first step towards securing a career in this industry is to complete an online medical and dental program.

The training program that both medical and dental assistants undergo is comprised of the following: anatomy, physiology, medical terminology, medication procedures, diagnostic procedures, laboratory techniques, pharmaceutical principles, medical ethics, and first aid.

Apart from these core areas, it would also do well to look into office operation courses, including patient relations, accounting, transcription, insurance coding, and insurance processing. Each state in America actually regulates the tasks that are performed by medical and dental assistants. There are even some states where medical and dental assistants are allowed to administer injections or even draw blood from patients.

Entry-level medical assistants earn roughly $14 an hour while the more experienced ones earn $19. Entry-level dental assistants, on the other hand, dental assistants earn $16 an hour while the more experienced ones earn as much as $22 an hour.

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