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Online Medical Informatics Programs

Online Medical Informatics ProgramsThere are several online medical informatics programs that you can choose from today and there are different levels that come with these as well. There's the certificate level for graduates and undergraduates, then there are also the Bachelor's and Master's degrees for people interested in higher and continuing education. Amongst the various disciplines that you can find in medical informatics, the common ones are health administration and health information technology.

For students who aspire to specialize in a particular branch of medical informatics, there are actually several available options. The first is nursing informatics, where the certificate courses would concentrate on how information technology is applied to working practices and decision-making processes that nurses deal with. Then, there's healthcare informatics, where health care professional managers would find themselves relying on accurate data in making decisions in the more effective administration of health care. Lastly, there's health care data security management, where the course would focus on teaching informatics specialists all about system maintenance and the maintenance of ethical standards across business practices.

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  1. School: University of Phoenix - The Heath Care Informatics Certificate is a course program that aims to provide an overview of informatics, and its relation to the health care industry. The course is offered to students who would like to pursue their careers in health care informatics further. The course program is desig...
  2. School: Drexel University Online - The evolving world today advances the style and capacity of individuals. The evolution of modern science has been known and used by Drexel University. Drexel University also provides students who are technologically aware and students who have a passion on healthcare a certificate program that in...