Online Pharmacy Programs

Online Pharmacy ProgramsThere are actually 3 major classifications when it comes to working in a pharmacy. There are pharmacy technicians, pharmacy aides, and pharmacists. The great thing about online pharmacy programs is that they are designed in such a way to provide everything that is needed by aspiring pharmacists, no matter what classification one fall in.

The position of pharmacy aide is just about as basic as pharmacy work can get in terms of academic qualifications. The program is designed to help you perform the basic clerical and administrative functions in the pharmacy setting. These include handling paperwork, processing transactions, stocking shelves, and answering phones.

To become pharmacy technicians, on the other hand, formal training might be required. Some states even implement certification requirements. Pharmacy technicians still perform basic functions of pharmacy aides; however, additional coursework is implemented, especially in the arena of preparing prescriptions.

Lastly, pharmacists undergo the more rigorous training. Pharmacists actually fill prescriptions, counsel patients on drug usage, provide necessary feedback to physicians, and dispense medication. A Pharm.D. degree is often required of aspiring pharmacists, as well as an Associate's degree or a Bachelor's degree.

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