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Online Public Health ProgramsA lot of people make the mistake of thinking that public health workers and social workers are one and the same. In reality, public health jobs actually include several types of jobs. For the most of the career paths in the public health sector, there would be the presence of a public advocate. Oftentimes, this public advocate would function as the voice of people who are otherwise silent in society, like neglected or abused children, mentally handicapped or mentally ill citizens, as well as disabled ones. Venturing into this very fulfilling career path would be made much easier with the completion of an online public health program.

To get an entry-level position in the public health sector, a Bachelor's degree in either psychology or sociology would already suffice. These programs provide the much-needed training when it comes to garnering hands-on experience as well as dealing with social work ethics, populations that are culturally diverse, and people who are profiled to be risky.

A Master's degree, on the other hand, is a much better investment, especially if there are plans to progress from the entry-level caseworker up to public health management. This higher degree comes with courses that will train students in the efficient management of massive cases involving social work. Supervisory roles are better attained with a Master's degree.

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