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Online Engineering Management ProgramsEngineering managers go perform tasks that go beyond what the usual engineer does in the industry. Along with these tasks come the planning, coordinating, and designing of all production activities related to a current project in the engineering industry. Over the recent years, the tasks of engineering managers have also grown rapidly in terms of depth and scope. Data systems, urban planning, and even nanotechnology research are now being focused on by engineering managers as well. Thus, completing an online engineering management program will certainly be beneficial for any aspiring engineering manager.

It is actually recommended to go for both the MEM, or Master's in Engineering Management, and the MBA, or Master of Business Administration. Both of these degrees are understandably different since the MEM's focus would be purely engineering in nature while the MBA would be comprised of business-related courses. Still, the MBA is essential in ensuring the right business sense in engineers. Coursework would be comprised of several areas, including organizational communication, leadership, network flows, reliability engineering, and linear programming.

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  1. School: Drexel University Online - Program of the Graduate Certificate in Engineering Management here at Drexel University is a beneficiary program that deals with management roles without having difficulties in committing to the entire program. This certificate is for the graduate students that finished a course or any re...