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Online Forensic Sciences ProgramsThe crime shows you see on TV these days are quite accurate. Forensic scientists do assist law enforcement in the matter of solving crimes. These professional scientists analyze and process physical evidence to see just how these pieces are related to and create the whole puzzle. There are a lot of technical aspects to be had with forensic science and completing an online forensic sciences program will help any aspirant develop the much needed technical skills.

Coursework would actually depend on the chosen specialty of the student involved. These specialization areas or subdivisions include criminalistics, forensic anthropology, forensic archeology, forensic DNA analysis, forensic entomology, forensic geology, forensic meteorology, forensic odontology, forensic pathology, forensic psychology, forensic toxicology, and forensic document examination.

In spite of the varied nature of these subdivisions, coursework would entail a lot of focus in the following subject areas: chemistry, physics, biology, biochemistry, genetic engineering, natural science, calculus, statistics, quantitative analysis, criminal evidence, courtroom testimony, and forensic microscopy. You might also want to look into geology, geography, and earth science as electives.

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  1. School: UMassOnline - UMass (University of Massachusetts) Lowell Online is offering a Certificate Program in Forensic Criminology; a program spearheaded and designed by the University's Department of Criminal Justice and the Division of Continuing Studies and Corporate Education, both for full time graduate students a...