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Online Social Sciences Programs

Online Social Sciences ProgramsSome online social sciences programs are focused on criminal justice, high school, homeland security, legal secretary, paralegal, public administration, public safety or sociology.

Social sciences programs have a wide range of topics for study, including economics, market research, research analysis, urban planning, geography, history, library science, psychology, political science, archaeology, anthropology, religion, sociology and theology.

Career opportunities are in the fields of behavioral science, history, economics, geography, political science, women's studies, psychology, sociology, theology, human services, urban and regional planning, market research and many others. All these fields deal with individuals, groups, and institutions that affect social changes.

Completing online programs in social sciences gives graduates a chance to work as a researcher. They are trained to systematically gather information and data and draw sound conclusions based on their interpretation and analysis. Programs involve various courses like math, statistics, quantitative research, and data gathering. Programs also include developing skills in critical thinking, reasoning and writing.

Further studies are possible to broaden opportunities into law, politics, engineering, or the arts. With higher education, salaries may amount to at least $30,000. Previous work experience in the social science fields is valid ground for an employer to raise your starting salary.

Online Criminal Justice Social Sciences Programs

An online criminal justice program would prepare you for a challenging and rewarding career as a border patrol officer, narcotics agent, police officer, corrections officer, bailiff, private investigator, CIA agent, and postal service investigator.

Online Paralegal Social Sciences Programs

An online paralegal program would allow you to pursue a challenging career as a court reporter, legislative researcher, paralegal, lobbyist, law office administrator, court administrator, and law clerk.

Online High School Social Sciences Programs

An online high school program would open doors to a lot of opportunities for you such as access to better paying jobs, and a chance to pursue a college degree.

Online Sociology Social Sciences Programs

An online sociology program would help you launch a career as an urban planner, government sociologist, market research analyst, institutional sociologist, teacher, and university professor.

Online Public Administration Social Sciences Programs

An online public administration program would prepare you for a career as a computer specialist, public utilities specialist, safety officer, management analyst, administrative officer, budget analyst, systems analyst, public relations specialist, and sec

Online Homeland Security Social Sciences Programs

An online homeland security program would prepare you for a career in the fields of border and transportation security, information analysis and infrastructure protection, emergency preparedness and response, and chemical, biological, radiological and nuc

Online Legal Secretary Social Sciences Programs

An online legal secretary program can help you launch a rewarding and challenging career as a legal secretary, paralegal, legislative researcher, law clerk, court reporter, and legal assistant.

Online Public Safety Social Sciences Programs

An online public safety program would prepare you for a career as a park ranger, emergency medical technician, paramedic, fire fighter, and law enforcement officer.