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Online Paralegal ProgramsA paralegal major may find work in various establishments such as law firms, non-governmental groups, and government offices. If you land a job in a law firm, you'll find yourself doing a lot of legal research and document writing. A keen eye for detail and a flair for writing would definitely be useful and helpful to you in this case. You will also be assisting lawyers during court cases and should do some legal legwork for them. In social work organizations, legal assistants are assigned to give basic legal advice to clients such as indigents or people from the marginalized sector of society.

An online paralegal program student would be exposed to a range of interrelated subjects and courses such as legal research methods, real estate law, business law, legal ethics, civil litigation, trademark and copyright law, criminal law and procedure, torts and contracts.

In 2007, a paralegal staff earned a median annual income of $47,600. On the other hand, you could substantially improve your chances of furthering your career if you pursue a law degree and become a full-fledged lawyer.

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  1. School: Kaplan University - Now students can add up a certification in paralegal to their previous bachelor's degree. It doesn't matter if they have had BA or BS, as long as they got it from an accredited university; they are qualified to take the Kaplan University's Pathway to Paralegal Post baccalaureate Certificate progr...
  2. School: Post University Online - The course for Paralegal Certificate offered at Post University readies its takers into the path of being a paralegal. Legal assistants as more commonly called, paralegals are one of the most sought after jobs of today. Being next to computer industry jobs, paralegal or legal assistant opportunit...