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Online Sociology ProgramsSociology is a field of study that deals with human society, culture, sociological processes, human behaviour, sociological structures, norms, history, and sociological organizations. If you are fond of human society, history, research, and culture, you might consider pursuing a career in sociology. In the academe, sociology graduates usually end up as teachers or university professors. On the private sector, sociology majors perform various jobs and tasks such as conducting surveys, analyzing survey results, conducting research, consulting and writing reports.

A typical coursework of an online sociology program would encompass several fields of study and disciplines such as languages, research, humanities, statistical analysis, marketing, evaluation, critical thinking, economics, history, philosophy, psychology, consumer behaviour, organizational behaviour, data collection, and modelling techniques.

A good number of sociology graduates end up in sociology related professions, such as market research analyst and urban planner. Salaries on the other hand may depend on several factors such as type of industry, experience and field of specialization. On average, sociologists earn an annual income of $60,290, while urban planners take home a median income of $53,450 per annum.

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