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Online Automotive and Mechanics Programs

Online Automotive and Mechanics ProgramsAlthough there are no educational requirements to become an auto mechanic, having a degree would surely boost your credibility and improve your chances of getting a job at big auto repair shops or automotive companies. If you are mechanically inclined, love cars and like working with your hands then auto mechanics can be a good career path for you. You can either work for auto repair shops or establish your own auto mechanics business. Having good communication skills would also come in handy in this profession as you would be working with teams and be dealing with different types of customers on a regular basis.

Online automotive and mechanics program students will be exposed to a variety of subjects and courses such as gasoline injection systems, wheel alignment, electrical systems, automotive hand tools, and engine classification, personnel management, finance for automotive businesses, occupational health and safety.

According to a 2004 study conducted by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, automotive mechanics and technicians' median hourly wage ranged from $11 to $26.

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