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Online Carpentry and Construction ProgramsCarpentry and construction jobs generally do not require degrees or certifications, but a carpentry and construction program would definitely open better opportunities for you such as higher pay and career advancement. However, most carpenters, roughly three out of four, are self-employed or run their own carpentry and construction business. Jobs and projects would vary depending on the scope of work, industry and client. Carpenters and construction workers can work in single residential projects or find employment in large projects such as road work, building construction, shopping mall construction, and industrial complex construction.

Online carpentry and construction program students would be exposed to a number of subjects and courses such as land use management and development, legal implications in design and construction, cost developing, project delivery implications, international work applications, cost analysis methods and conceptual and definitive estimating, building layout, blueprint reading and construction technology.

In a 2004 study commissioned by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, carpenters earned a median hourly wage of $17, while experienced construction workers earned an average hourly salary of $28.

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