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Online Drafting ProgramsIf you have a well-developed spatial and visual sense and are artistically inclined, then a career in drafting might be the right one for you. Competitive architectural firms, design studios and engineering firms have now embraced computerized design by using design software and machines that create design blueprints mechanically. Your job as a draftsman in today's world is to transform artistic ideas into viable architectural designs using computerized design tools. You should also be able to incorporate into your designs, architectural and fundamental engineering principles, such as proportion and size limitations. You can also find work in a broad range of industries and businesses such as government agencies, architectural firms, real estate companies, design studios, and engineering companies.

An online drafting program would cover a number of interdisciplinary subjects and courses such as design studio, drawing, western architectural history, spatial composition, design process and 2D media, buildings and sites, materials and methods of construction.

Salaries of draftsmen would depend on various factors such as experience, educational attainment, location and industry. According to, an AUTOCAD draftsman in the US earns a median annual wage of $39,270.

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