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Online Electronics ProgramsIf you are fond of electronics and gadgets, then a career in electronics might be a good option for you. As an electronics specialist you need to be familiar with the different electrical terminologies, measuring devices, testing tools, and of course, troubleshooting techniques. You can find work in various industries and firms such as electronics companies, home appliance firms, telecommunications companies, IT companies, and government agencies. You can also venture out on your own and put up an electronics repair shop or an electronics supply store. Good communications skills are important if you will manage your own business as you would be dealing with different kinds of people on a regular basis.

An online electronics program will be exposed to a number of fields of study and subjects such as transistors, relays, oscilloscope techniques, gates, microprocessors, voltage, digital and analog systems, measurement and instrumentation, circuitry and circuit boards.

The employment outlook for electronic technicians seems to be promising in the commercial and industrial sector through 2006-2016 according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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