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Online Forestry and Wildlife Programs

Online Forestry and Wildlife ProgramsForesters are tasked to conserve and protect park ranges, wildlife, and in general, the environment. As a forester you need to be aware of the different laws and statues regarding the environment and forests. The job will require you to go to remote places to inspect parks and protected areas. You are also tasked to inspect companies whose operations may impact the environment, such as chemical plants situated near bodies of water, logging companies, manufacturing plants and resorts. You will also conduct seminar and trainings to folks and communities about environmental protection and conservation. You basically enforce environmental laws and make sure that all concerned individuals and corporations respect and observe them. If you consider yourself an outdoors person, then a career in forestry and wildlife may be a good option.

The typical coursework for an online forestry and wildlife program would cover a variety of topics and subjects such as wildlife management, small mammals, park management, rangelands management, conservation, predators, upland birds, forest management, forest protection, large mammals, and waterfowl.

The employment outlook for forestry and wildlife majors is not that rosy due to federal budget cuts and a decline in forested areas.