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Online Gunsmithing ProgramsIf you have a deep interest in guns and firearms, then a career as a gunsmith might be a good option for you. There are currently 200 million privately owned guns in America, and the number is growing each year according to the National Rifle Association. With this kind of statistic, gunsmiths and aspiring gunsmiths are assured of a bright future ahead of them. You would have better career prospects if you are located in an area that has a high number of individuals that own and use guns such as rural areas. In the countryside, hunting is a widely accepted and practiced sport and a good number or rural folks own and keep guns. Examples of industries and businesses that employ gunsmiths are firearms manufacturers, custom gunsmithing shops, tool and die shops, gunsmith warranty repair shops, and sporting goods dealers.

The typical coursework of an online gunsmithing program would cover interrelated disciplines and courses such as machine shop, metal finishing, firearm safety, stockmaking, firearm conversion, metalworking, gun fitting, making specialized gunsmith tools, bluing and Parkerizing guns.

Median hourly salaries of gunsmiths range from $13.47 to $21.

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