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Online HVAC ProgramsA HVAC (heat ventilation and air conditioning) training or certificate program will equip you with the necessary skills to install, maintain, and repair air conditioning and heating systems in homes, buildings, plants, and manufacturing facilities. As an HVAC technician, a lot of your time would be spent on field, installing, checking and fixing air conditioning and heating systems. If you are mechanically inclined and enjoy working with your hands, this could be the right career for you. As you gain more experience you can qualify for managerial or supervisory positions where you would have to perform administrative and managerial tasks on top of mainstay technical jobs.

An online HVAC program coursework would cover a variety of interrelated topics and subjects such as basic cooling technology, HVAC/R, HVAC/R fundamentals, refrigerant charging, HVAC/R electrical, HVAC cooling, HVAC heating, HVAC/R systems, domestic appliances, commercial refrigeration and heating.

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics mentions that employment prospects for qualified HVAC professionals are encouraging and upbeat. On the other hand, average hourly wages of HVAC technicians range from $18.11 to $28.57.

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