Online Landscaping Programs

Online Landscaping ProgramsIf you have a fondness for gardening, design, horticulture, and arts, then a career in landscaping might be the right one for you. As a landscape professional you need to have a keen eye for design and aesthetics. You will be working closely with clients who would give you an idea what they would like to achieve so you need to be flexible. You also need to be updated with the current trends, concepts and technologies in landscaping and garden design. Good financial management would also be beneficial in this type of profession as you are expected to work with a budget.

An online landscaping program curriculum would cover a variety of disciplines and courses such as history of landscape architecture, plant and soil science, turfgrass science, geology, surveying, landscape design and construction, design studio, arboriculture, nursery management, urban and regional planning.

Salaries of landscape artists or professionals vary depending on experience, competence and educational attainment. Landscaping supervisors or managers handling a team of landscaping workers or labourers on average earn an annual salary of $40,000.

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