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The role of parents in educating the child

February 21,2011 by: admin

It is a fact that for a child, education begins right from the time it is in its mother’s womb, which is why the activities of an expectant mother are believed to play a vital role in shaping the characteristics and attitude of the child as it grows up. Even after birth, the early childhood days can shape the thinking and attitude of a child. But if that were enough, then none of us would be going to school and college and would be completing our education in the comfort of our home. That is why we need to go … (more) February 21, 2011

Benefits of online elementary education

January 20,2011 by: admin

Elementary and high school education is perhaps the most important part of education in everyone’s life. It lays the foundation for any higher education, and trains the mind to have the aptitude to succeed in a competitive world. It helps the child to indentify the strengths and weaknesses and build on the strength. It also helps every individual to build a successful career in the area of interest. It is therefore necessary that every child gets the elementary and the high school education, much needed to succeed in life.  Sometimes, it is much more desirable for the child to complete … (more) January 20, 2011

An important aspect to look into for the betterment of children

January 19,2011 by: admin

Overlooking child education is like just giving up on the future of this world. If progression should continue and you want technology to continue churning out new things, it is important to encourage the kids of today to continue studying and looking forward to the different things that education has to offer. It is quite uncommon for kids to not like education, if they are learning the right things. Hence, as an adult, it is important to understand more about this form of education and why it should be strongly encouraged. Thanks to the mollycoddled society that we live in … (more) January 19, 2011

The importance of childhood education

January 02,2011 by: admin

Many psychologists believe that childhood plays a very important role in a person’s life. According to some psychologists such as Freud, what we are now is the result of our childhood experiences. In the field of education, many educators also agree that childhood education plays a very important role in developing students. This is the reason why emphasis has been placed on childhood education.  Childhood education usually refers to learning that happens in kindergarten, preschool and elementary. Education in kindergarten and preschool usually focuses on helping children learn through play while in elementary, children are introduced to a more formal … (more) January 2, 2011

Do you have what it takes for a career in child education?

January 01,2011 by: admin

Teaching is a highly respectable job. When teaching is specifically for children, it becomes a greater call. Beyond the actual work itself, it is a skill, devotion, and a passion. Teaching skills are not acquired from a college or university degree. Although training is required to enhance such skill and license is needed to practice this line of work, innate teaching skills spell the difference between a mere paid profession from a life long calling. This skill is comparable to a mother’s tender loving care. She nurtures a child as she/he grows and learns along the process. The devotion towards … (more) January 1, 2011