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Educating your kids: Private Vs Public schools

May 01,2010 by: admin

There are so many schools in the market today and each one comes with the assurance of being better than the last one you visited. With so many options to choose form the question of which school to pick is a challenge indeed. Also there are both public and private institutions which offer your child two completely different environments of learning. When deciding between a public and private school for your child it is important to gather information firsthand rather than rely on external sources which may be misleading. Opinions and comments are plenty, rather than rely on these see the schools facilities, read up news clippings on activities and achievements in the school and then make an informed decision.

What is important for a parent to know is what sort of classroom instructions happen, how big is the class and how many students are present in each grade. You may have heard many promises of individual attention being offered, see for yourself how many students are accommodated with a teacher so you can be the judge of the true facts. Private schools generally have limited number of students and do offer a more secure environment for the children. However public schools have teachers who have better economic compensations and hence a more motivated work force, there are also data that show that test scores from both public and private schools put achievement and motivation in students on par with each other.

Look for the tangible assets in both schools and see how good their libraries are, if they have good facilities for sports and athletic training, what sort of academic and sport related programs are present and much more. These are factors which you can see and gauge for yourself. In Public schools teachers are hired based on having a degree in teacher education, in private schools the hiring process requires that teachers have an advanced degree in the subject to be eligible for the position.

There are numerous advantages and disadvantages whether you choose a public or a private school. What you need to figure out is that the school is located in a good location where the child will have access to all the facilities and amenities it needs for an all round development. It is also important to ensure that the kids get a good exposure not only in academics but in co-curricular activities allowing them to grow into confident and proficient individuals. There is also the matter of funding and finances for the school, in this area, private schools have more creative options while public schools rely on taxes and grants if any.

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