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Get Innovative while Educating your Child

August 14,2010 by: admin

Rote learning has never helped anyone so far. Many of us have experienced that though rote learning fetches marks, it surely does not shape the winners of tomorrow. It is best to encourage children to understand truly what they learn and assure them that the marks will follow.

Unfortunately, children do not find great companions in books, but that does not mean they are bad; it only means that we have to get creative in our approach in teaching. We must begin by accepting that every child is unique. While a handful of them may be fascinated by books and the knowledge it has to offer, a vast majority show interest in various other activities.

The best approach to be followed in educating children is by combining the two. We need to think of ways to spark the interest in the young minds. Once they are ready to question rather than simply accept facts, you know that they are prepared to be truly educated.

Talk about schools that follow the traditional approach, it is only the teacher and the board that comes to our mind. Monotony rules in such schools and there is emphasis on disciplining the children which goes as far as suppressing them from expressing their feelings. When such is the case, children are tempted to simply go by what is said without gaining a clear understanding of concepts.

The trend is changing these days and schools are accepting that their true strength is not is the number of rank students they make; it is in the number of leaders they make in life. Teachers are being trained not just to deliver content to their students but to get innovative to make the students enthusiastic towards the subject. There is increased importance being given to combining both practical and theoretical knowledge so that students understand the concepts better.

The new approach to educating children is a welcome change since they discourage rote learning. The new methodologies being used today also makes learning fun and keeps the children interested in their studies. Many schools have been successful in giving the right support and foundation to the children which helps them become successful in life. Also, extracurricular activities are being encouraged in children to make them more confident and refresh their minds.

As time changes, so do the needs and challenges. Schools that have followed a new look towards educating children have indeed taken the right step and must continue to do so for constant progress.

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