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Helping Those Who Serve the Country

October 26,2013 by: admin

Those serving in the US military are always ready to give their lives in the line of duty. No wonder, the government provides numerous aids for Army and Air Force personnel and Coast Guards. This is to give them financial assistance and extend the security cordon to their families. Different kinds of military aids are available that include all facets of their lives.

Tuition Assistance

Reserve personnel in military can make the most of tuition assistance to further their education. It can, partially or fully pay for different courses depending upon college credit numbers and per credit price. Such tuition assistance also extends to the active members of the US military. For pursuing studies, you need to choose a college accredited by your particular military branch.

Family Assistance

Military aid extending to the family members include a wide variety of programs that one can avail based on requirements. Aid Society related to the U.S. Air Force covers active members, ex-service people, and their dependents. One can get no interest loans along with brands for dealing with emergency mortgage/rent payments, travel needs, car repairs, utilities, and food.

Navy Relief Society offers grants to dependents, unmarried children, and family of those who died in the line of duty. Education assistance for those enrolled in undergraduate or vocational courses is available too. Other programs related to family assistance of military personnel offer financial relief and grants to help with counseling, housing, education, clothing, and employment services.

Aid for Retired Personnel

Ex and retired military personnel can benefit from various financial assistance programs developed especially for them. This includes entitlement transfer that involves transferring of all your accumulated benefits to a dependent child or your spouse. Emergency relief programs include spouse education assistance and other financial aids to combat different situations. One can also get interest-free loan amounts through such programs.

Housing Assistance

Military housing assistance programs are for active personnel and veterans. These offer home loans and other related services. Eligible personnel can receive assistance during mortgage crisis; get high-cost area allowance and need-based home financing grants. To be eligible for such assistance one will need to reside in United States.

College Fund for Children

Children of retired, active duty or fallen soldiers can get college funds to pursue their education without problems. If parents died in the line of duty or became permanently disabled their children will be eligible to get 100% tuition assistance.
The U.S. military takes care of its own! This is quite evident through their Aid Programs!

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