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How military aid can fund your education

September 14,2011 by: admin

Are you contemplating of enrolling in the US Army? If yes, you will be glad to hear that the military provides various types of funding for college education. You can utilize the tuition money to either pay off your present college loan or earn a college degree from it.

Continuous edification is the core of the US Military services. The militia is constantly encouraged to expand their knowledge base and skill sets. Subsequently, the army has launched a website where soldiers can learn and discover the various options available on educational financial aid including tuition assistance.

Therefore, if you desire to serve your country and join the armed forces, ensure that you have a sound knowledge of your educational objectives and how you can repay your existing college loan.

To enhance and promote a soldier’s professional and personal development, the United States Military offers 100% financial support on tuition and courses studied at university or college, while the soldier is not reporting for duty. This military aid program is referred as Army Tuition Assistance (TA).  Almost every soldier is entitled to obtain financial assistance for their pursuing their education. Whether you are enlisted soldier, active duty officer, warrant officer or member of the Active Guard Reserve and Reserve Component Soldiers, you will receive TA certainly, when you apply for it.

The sanctioned financial military aid offers 100% tuition fee and up to $4,500 annually, with $250 as cap for per semester per hour. However, the TA program does not cover application fee and expenses that are indirectly related to admission.

The military aid is offered to soldiers attending undergraduate degree or a graduate program from accredited 4-year universities or college. You may pursue your educational goals via online schools or at physical learning facilities available at your Army posts.

The additional edifying advantages of serving the armed forces are the Montgomery GI Bill and Army College Fund. Through these agendas active duty soldiers acquire up to $83,448 in college tuition money. Upon enrolling for the Army Reserve, you may receive an additional $24,588 to pay for your college education expenses.

The United States Military also offers scholarship program – Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC) for students preparing to attend college.

Furthermore, you can repay your college education loan by applying for College Loan Repayment Program. You will receive up to $65,000 toward paying off your college education debt, while soldiers in the Army Reserve receive up to $40,000.

You can enhance your chances of acquiring further military aid assistance by applying the subsequent tips and strategies.

Combining military aid with federal aid can fund your education further. To apply for federal aid use the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form. It can be downloaded from the Internet.

Combine several different military aid programs to receive maximum financial benefit on your college or university education expenses. For instance, you can merge the Tuition Assistance Program with Reserve Officers’ Training Corps program to cover your college fee and additional expenses – books and provisions.

You can learn more about the military aid programs and simultaneously make a request for tuition assistance by searching the Web.

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