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Distance Learning – Four Common Mistakes People Make

April 07,2010 by: admin

Distance learning is fast becoming the most preferred form of education. A lot of students are opting for it, thanks to the convenience it offers. While the benefits may seem to be very alluring, you need to know about the four common mistakes students do when they opt for online courses.

The first commonly made mistake is enrolling in the wrong school. There are so many schools listed on the website that selecting the right one can be a time consuming task. And unfortunately, despite searching extensively people end up enrolling in colleges that cannot live up to their assurances. While selecting a college for distance learning, it is imperative to look up the websites of the colleges and take a look at the feedback and reviews. Once you are confident that the college comes with repute, go ahead and opt for a course.

The second commonly made mistake when people opt for distance learning is not collaborating. Distance learning is possible only when you collaborate and share information with your peers and professors online. If you want to stay motivated throughout the duration of the course and learn faster, you should share your ideas and best practices with your peers. Use the virtual classrooms, chat rooms, message boards and other virtual sources to constantly keep in touch with your professors and peers.

Procrastination is the third mistake that people make. Most students choose online courses so they can learn at their own pace and at a convenient time of their choice. However, this is possible only if you are determined and disciplined.  While it does offer you convenience, you should be able to do devote at least a small amount of time for the course on your daily basis. The course will prove to be effective only if you do your assignments on time. Set short term and long term goals to complete your course and stay on track.

The fourth mistake is not being aware of the online resources that have been provided for you to use. Once you enroll for a course online, you will be provided access to various resources like online books, message boards to reach out to your professors, forums where you can interact with your peers and other audio visual sources. Ensure you have an understanding of all the resources available and put them to good use.

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