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Help The Planet Through The Biology Of Water

July 03,2010 by: admin

Swim in the deepest parts of the Pacific Ocean. Discover the latest effect of Global Warming on the 75% that makes up our planet. Make a difference and study, know and save life through marine biology.

It is a common notion that when we talk of marine biology we talk about fishes, corals and other marine creatures that swim or hide underwater. Marine biology, however, is not just that, it also saves lives. Earth is made up of 25% land and 75% water. Living organisms, from unicellular bacteria to multicellular vascular plants and higher forms of animals such as man, is also made up of about 75% water. So, we could say that water is very important not just to fishes but also to us humans.

Marine science aims to protect study and preserve all organisms that depends on water whether it is saltwater or freshwater. Its main concern is to study the effects and causes of water disturbances to and from the ones who rely on water. So a slight change in the acidity or basicity of water may not seem to bring a large impact on human economic circulation but to marine biology this 0.001% of change affects a lot of human and other animal activities. For example, a recent study shows that seawater has increased its acidity over the years. This increase has been an effect of climate change.

With this pH level change a lot of marine organisms, including the ones that we eat, have died since they have not yet adapted to this new pH level. In fact, if you have not realized it yet, when you go to the beach and swim your eyes would feel more irritated and the water tastes saltier than the last time you were there. So, to minimize the unbeneficial effects of this change many marine biologists try to conduct experiments to reverse this acid content increase of our oceans. If this change continues there would be a large decrease in marine organisms, from fishes to corals, and this decrease would affect man a lot since we get food and salt from water. Without marine biology we would not have been aware of these changes.

In choosing a career in marine biology you could help make our planet the best home for future generations. You could make our waters clean and clear that people, as they once did, could just get a bucket full and directly drink from it. From marine biology you could teach and open the eyes of a lot of people, you could see the world’s beauties for free, you would earn a lot of money, and of course you would save our planet and make a very big impact.

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