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How to become a successful Computer and Information Systems Manager?

May 30,2010 by: admin

Are you a recent graduate of any computer-related course? Then, by now you are probably looking for a job in the real world. And one of those jobs could be a computer and information system manager. Now, from its name, it sounds like you are only going to deal with computer software and applications in your job. You’re wrong. Being a computer and information systems manager entails you to be responsible to provide your company with substantial results. You have to be adept in responsible and direct research and designing of computers and other related activities. It will require you not only the knowledge and skill that the job will entail but you also have to be good in interpersonal communication and leadership skills. Being a manager, you have to be able to deliver your team towards better output.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there would be more calls for a job of this nature in the next six years. This is certainly good news even if you are still finishing your degree in any computer-related course. Having a Master’s Degree in Business Administration or Management will be an advantage when you apply for certain companies. While others prefer just an undergraduate degree, these companies will promote you to higher positions in no time if you possess the necessary skills of management along with your abilities in computer software and applications development. Always remember that this job is not just about the educational level that you have attained, your skills in management and performance for substantial outputs will highly determine your promotion to a much a higher position.

Being a manager entails you to think in the long-term. Find the areas for improvement in order to achieve technical and business goals. You have to get to the root cause of your job by thorough research so that you can direct your team into the best course of action. This will make you and the other team member’s lives much better. You have to see to it that business objectives are not in conflict with the technical aspect of your job. Hence, the imperative to discuss top managerial matters with the parties involved. Being a leader is to be a visionary thinker.

As the manager, you are the one steering the ship of your team – you have to delegate the tasks in order to organize the job towards the achievement of your team’s goals. Discuss with your Chief Technology Officer the newest and innovative technologies in your field to yield better results. From time to time, you have to assess along with your team members how were jobs been going thus far so as to monitor the timeline for your goals. To set a successful voyage in uncertain seas depends much on the vision of the captain.

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