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Technology – A Boon to Children’s Education

August 15,2010 by: admin

A lot can be said about the perils that the advancement in technology has brought with it but a lot more can be said about how advantageous it is to the generation. Gone are the days when children had to travel to far off places to get the best education. Thanks to the pervasive nature of technology, schools have been able to better their standards today.

Learning, in the olden days, meant books and the painful process of sitting through never ending classes of subjects that were least interesting. The situation has changed today and more emphasis is being made on making learning more fun for the children. This has come through the use of various tools that are made available to all schools these days.

Talk about facilities like the internet and we can be sure that children will be fascinated. The internet has a whole lot of information for children. While there are many websites that give extensive information and tutoring on various subjects, there are also others that have worksheets that test the understanding of the children in these subjects.

Worksheets discourage the method of rote learning and hence encourage the children to think differently. Further, internet can give access to many websites that give ideas to practically apply the knowledge and experiment with facts. Be it Maths or Physics or even English, a little guidance from the elders should be enough to get the kinds started on the use of internet for studies.

If this were not enough, we can even find online tutoring for children. If the child is finding it tough to cope with certain subjects, we do not have to struggle to find additional help in tutoring him. All we need to do is find an online tutor and get him the help needed. These tutors can be available at any time since the internet will enable us to find people from across the world. Trivial issues like transportation and the like which could eat into the child’s study time can be eliminated by opting for online tutoring.

There are many stories about kids going astray, thanks to the use of technology, but one has to understand that with a little monitoring and the right guidance, the children have a lot to gain from it. Also, technology is driving the world today and it is here to stay, so helping children learn to use it for their benefit is the right approach to take.

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