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Traditional versus innovative methods of Education

June 11,2010 by: admin

Education imparts knowledge to students, but it is not knowledge alone that makes education the light that shows the mankind to move in the right direction. Besides knowledge, education empowers people, inculcates in them self discipline and commitment to serve mankind and work for the betterment of the society. Education helps in advancing technology and development. Education is very important for breeding good citizens.

In traditional education, more emphasis was laid on learning the theory with any practical approaches. Students learnt by memorizing than by understanding. Teachers were considered as learned scholars who talked continuously to the students without getting any response or feedback, resulting in insufficient interaction between teacher and students.

A student’s talent was not brought out in total as students were afraid of teachers and marks were the only criteria in judging the ability of students. Students learnt by memorizing lecture notes and textbooks rather than from experiences and real life situations. This resulted in not utilizing the full talents of the students. A students creativity and rationale thinking was not utilized. Education was more of a burden and boring according to traditional practices of teaching.

With innovative methods of teaching, education has become fun and thrill to students. Now, education generates interest in the student due to the innovative methods of teaching and motivates them to learn and analyze more. Innovative methods of education produce students who are creative and can think critically and analytically. It produces students who are self sufficient and are better able to solve problems and also encouraging higher learning. While traditional learning did not encourage students to ask ‘Why’, innovative learning encourages students to ask ‘Why not?’

More practical and result oriented approaches are used in innovative education. Students who were very weak in subject like Mathematics and were even afraid of the word, now enjoys Mathematics thanks to the rewarding and enjoying techniques in mastering the subject. Innovative methods minimizes the time taken to master the subject and also gets rid of the fear and helps the student understand the subject in a more relaxing way.

Confucius says ‘I hear and I forget, I see and I believe, I do and I understand’. Innovative teaching strategies involves more participation of the students in doing things on their own by way of group exercises and collaborative learning and they understand better by doing, than by hearing and forgetting.

Teachers make use of different tools like multimedia and other ideas to impart education in a relaxed atmosphere which creates a cordial relationship between teachers and students. This encourages and motivates students to learn more and education becomes a life long learning experience rather than learning behind the four pillars of a classroom.

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